Monday, June 17, 2013


Bismillah dan syukur.
Alhamdulillah murah rezeki kurniaanNya.

Moga iman makin tebal.
Moga diberi pertolongan menghadap musuh manusia.
Moga iman makin kental.


 photo DSC_0229_zps3880a646.jpg
 photo DSC_0228_zpsa989c0a8.jpg
 photo DSC_0230_zps8e6fec2d.jpg
 photo DSC_0232_zpsa739f2c3.jpg
 photo DSC_0233_zps341da2c9.jpg
 photo DSC_0231_zpse6522d88.jpg


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~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

cantek nye.. :)

Mariam Ariffin said...

Nice photography :)

feetfromshore said...

I'm amazed by these pictures. How do you create the blur effect? Do you use Photoshop? I'm learning photography by myself and I document my progress on my blog. I'd appreciate any comments you might have :)

adzuan aziz said...

fadh - Thanks!;)

Mariam - Thanks!

Feetfromshore - camera setting.I used 50mm set for f2.0 or 1.4(dont remember).set shutter speed a bit slower for overexposed effect.